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Solid state grooves.

Sparking connections.

Switched on, energetic performers.

Electrifying performances.

Positive energy.

Lighting up the stage.


Powerpoint combines catchy cool tunes with Fat infectious grooves and bluesy chord progressions,

And great solos from each of the three renown performers.

There is no holding back or apologizing.

These guys are going for it and having great fun, serious fun,

at full steam. But you hear stories, jokes, tributes and celebrations,

all of which you could not avoid dancing to if you tried.


Sparks - Powerpoint

1. More toys
2. Popsax

3. Just because
4. Moon tune
5. Violet skies
6. Toys
7. Elementalists
8. Harbour walk
9. For Alan
10. Mrs Vale seeks Wolves

All tunes composed by Lachlan Davidson

Lachlan Davidson - Tenor and Baritone Saxophones
Gerry Pantazis - Drums
Kim May - Electric Bass

Ready for ordering.


Sparks - by Powerpoint

SKU: sparks-pp
  • Physical copy and electronic copy

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