The Autumn Cannonball Chord charts, 

Some basic Improv stuff.

Melbourne sax masters project.

Backing tracks (for sheet music)

Recordings (of sheet music)

"It's not what happens to us that's important, it's what we do with it."

      Chord Charts (Free)

 The Melbourne sax masters project.

Me and some of Melbourne's leading Jazz Saxophonists

all soloing on the same tune, (In the Griff's house)

including soime Videos and mp3's,

swapping fours, explanations and exercises.

Niels Rosendahl.

Remco Keijzer

Tony Hicks. (Daddario artist)

       Tony sorting it out on the tune

       Tony talks.

Carlo Barbaro

       Carlo blows bluesy Alto

       Also Bluesy Tenor 

       Trade fours with Carlo

       Carlo talks

Ian Whitehurst.

       PDF'S of some great exercises by Ian on the tune.