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How To Do It

by Lachlan Davidson, 2003

OK so much of what you are about to read may well seem like rhetoric
but I can only tell you that when I read this type of stuff some of it helps some of the time.

You may have something to answer it with or something to add to it.

If it provokes a reaction in you to get you thinking about the best way to do it
then it has served it’s purpose. How do you do it?

Keep your eye on the ball.

i.e. Concentrate on the job at hand.

Remember what is important.

Distractions can mess with your aim.

When you’re on the money, take note of what you are doing, how you feel and what you are thinking.

Prepare well.

Proceed with your eyes open, ready for what is coming.

Find out about your fears. Develop strategies to deal with them.

Never dwell on them.

Be aware of where you are and what you must do.

Have faith in your ability.

Commit without hesitation or doubt.

Work by your own standards. Perform for yourself, not for the praise of others,
or in a way which you think they want you to. You are probably wrong about what they are thinking anyway.

Concentrate intensely always. Give it as much effort as you can. You can nearly always give it more.

Don’t try to be cool or be seen to be cool. Coolness only finds those who do not seek it.

Remember that your ego will play a part.

Live for the moment. Allow room for magic and delight.

Take your task seriously but not yourself too much.

Call it as you see it.

Do not accept mediocrity.

Always be seeking to improve and learn.

Stay positive and motivated even/especially in difficult circumstances.

Performing well always matters.

Keep your head still.


Be alert.

Search for positive reasons for doing what you do and remind yourself of them often.

Make no excuses, even to yourself.

Place no expectations upon yourself.

Set no limits on what you might achieve.

Work within your limits on any given occasion but seek to expand them.

Care about what you do.

At any given moment when you are performing a task, concentrate on what you need to do
to execute it without allowing any distractions to unbalance or panic you.
Make it the most important thing in your life at that moment and give it your all.
Believe that you are capable of it and more. Do it to please yourself, not others.
See the completion of it as a battle won in the war against confusion and negative influence within you.
Win the battle there and you have more chance of helping win it in the world.

Figure out how to do it.

Let me know when you find out.

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