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Parallel Lines
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Book Lok as a clinician

Topics he can cover.

Lachlan Davidson  is available to offer workshops or lessons for students

And PD sessions for teachers in the following areas.



All levels up to professional,

But with a focus on beginning to improvise

And how to teach beginner improvisers.

Resources are provided in PDF and audio files.



All levels and covering the full range of styles and saxophones.

Ensembles and sections are a special area of interest.

Fundamentals, How and what to practise, music philosophy, performance anxiety, help with performing Lachlan’s published music,

Advanced musical interpretations: are some areas that could be focussed on.



Stage bands, jazz bands and sax ensembles are specialised areas.

Ensemble direction and rehearsal technique for PD.

Arranging for various combinations. (40 years professional

And schools experience. A specialist in arranging for students)


Various instruments.

Lachlan plays at a professional level on all saxophones, Flute, piccolo, clarinet, bass clarinet

And at a professional doubling level on oboe, cor anglais, trumpet, flugelhorn

And piano (jazz) as an accompanist/composer.

Guidance on doubling is available obviously.




Helping students in all styles (but particularly jazz, and at all levels increase their understanding of

Composing and the skills they need to develop.

This also includes song-writing.


Lachlan has been teaching across these fields since 1984 and has much enthusiasm to share his experience with students far and wide.

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