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Imaginings - Solace

1. Image 1                                          Composed by Solace
2. A.B.                                                Composed by Lachlan Davidson
3. Conversationalit              Composed by Lachlan Davidson & Ben Robertson
4. Contemplation                                Composed by Tony Gould
5. First day of Spring                           Composed by Tony Gould
6. Salted Caramel and vanilla bean     Composed by Lachlan Davidson
7. Chant                                              Composed by Lachlan Davidson
8. Kashmir Remembered                    Composed by Tony Gould
9. Unfixed Thread                               Composed by Ben Robertson
10. Dark questions                     Composed by Tony Gould & Imogen Mannins
11. Cathy’s dream                              Composed by Lachlan Davidson
12. Quiet end                                     Composed by Ben Robertson
13. Elwood folk song                         Composed by Imogen Mannins

Lachlan Davidson: Alto and Soprano Saxophones
Tony Gould: Piano
Imogen Mannins: Violoncello
Ben Robertson: Acoustic Bas

Solace - Imaginings - Electronic copy

  • Zip folder of MP3 files


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