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"Something has changed (in the world, for a while) featuring Geoff Beasley.
Released on Feb 6. Watch video.
Get sheet music. Listen.

My first full Saxophone sonata is finished in draft form.
Sorry, nothing I can show you yet. It will be performed by Nessyah Buder-Gallagher in the next few months. Very exciting.

Songs I have written and recorded, either myself or as recorded by someone else can be heard. Look under the Songs menu.

I've written a new Medium level Bigband chart that is a great introduction to 5/4 called Five and three plus a new, medium hard piece for Alto sax and piano called Chugging along. Find recordings in  Free mp3 recordings.     The music is in the shop.

Hey. Welcome. I hope you find what you're looking for. If not, use the contact form with any special requests or suggestions or just to say hi.

Albums and sheet music can be purchased under the shop menu as direct digital downloads. The albums can also be ordered as CD'S. The songs menu is new. Check it out.